Knowing your way around Nashville means more than just navigating the halls of Legislative Plaza.

Government is complicated. From legislation to regulation, it's easy to get lost in the internal policies and procedures of bureaucracy. But with more than 30 years of experience, Laine Communications knows how to successfully guide you and your business to the finish line.  

our services

Laine Communications is a full-service government relations firm with specialized experience in the environmental and regulatory arena. 

Whether lobbying for fair laws or navigating the complex world of governmental regulations, Laine Communications is a powerful proponent for interest groups, causes and social concerns of any kind.

Regulatory Relationships
Strong working relationships are a major focus for the Laine team and regulators are no exception. We pride ourselves on the ability to foster regulatory relationships that lead to cooperative solutions for your business needs.

Issue Management
Laine Communications’ full-time lobbyists are working everyday to strategically influence change that is in the interest of our clients. Whether advocating for a bill’s passage or defeat or helping to shape new rules and regulations, we have the creative and strategic expertise to help develop and promote your vision.

Policy Input
Our belief in a proactive policy-setting approach means that our clients are regularly engaged in shaping the direction of Tennessee’s laws. From meetings with the state’s most powerful politicians to participation in strategic alliances, Laine Communications ensures that our clients always have a seat at the table. 

With interests across multiple states, ACCCE needed a trusted, experienced Tennessee lobbying team. Laine Communications provided solid on-the-ground strategic advice, was responsive to our needs and successfully moved our legislation through the TN General Assembly. They are an influential and effective lobbying team.
— Randy Eminger, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity

What We've Achieved

  • Passage of legislation to study effects of 111(d) rules on Tennessee's economy
  • Shepherding landmark oil and gas regulations through legislative and regulatory process
  • Defeating industry-killing coal mining legislation 7 consecutive years 
  • Fundraising and associated event planning for Tennessee's political leaders